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Shinji Ikari has finally woken up fourteen years after causing the Third Impact. He hasn't aged at all since the incident, but everything else has changed. The earth is in ruins. The people he once protected treat him like a prisoner and threatened to kill him if he pilots another Eva. At NERV headquarters, Shinji meets pianist Kaworu. As the boys bond, the organization's true mission comes into focus. Lost in a labyrinth of deception, Shinji careens toward a mental breakdown that could bring about the end of humanity.... Show more

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There is no uncertainty that Evangelion: 3.33 You Can (Not) Redo is a great film. The term 'Best' is as you know a relative term. What you or I consider as the best may not even be in someone else's list. So the general rule is to proclaim the one which majority of the folks like as the best. Nevertheless, according to me the following can be regarded as some of the finest movie ever made. Evangelion: 3.33 You Can (Not) Redo is a hard and long film to expand the field and fun and explore its themes. There is not a single actor or actress in this movie that doesn't fit in. I really enjoy the soundtrack, it is pure soul of that movie. This movie is different, thanks to Hideaki Anno... Have a great time watching Evangelion: 3.33 You Can (Not) Redo online here, you can also dowload this movie on your computer or mobile device.... Show more


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Countries: Japan
Release: 2012-11-17
Duration: 96 min
IMDb Rating: 7
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