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Plot summary

The cartoon series Edutainment, which parodies parody and satire history, pop culture and the concept of edutainment.

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Histeria! - Season 2 is excellent tv show production from year 2000. It is my favorite Animation tv show because parts felt very similar to my life experience. The moon is moving downward on a path that is clearly like a dream, and many turns like many dreams. It wasn't easy to leave the streaming platform, when I saw it first time. Easily the tv show with the best dialogue ever. Histeria! - Season 2 will continue to live with the next generations of people, I'm sure of that. There is no place like this website with free tv show online so I uploaded this full tv series here.... Show more


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Countries: United States
Release: 2000-07-17
IMDb Rating: 7.9
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